Top four qualities that make a successful software developer

Demand for software developers is growing fast. This translates to good pay and a lot of options to choose from as well as the opportunity to build something that will change the world. Although it seems as though there are plenty of jobs out there, that does not mean that the competition is not stiff. A software developer still has to be at the top of their game. Below are four qualities that successful software developers have.

Believe you can succeed

Though luck, resources, background, connections and many other factors can make you successful, the most contributing factor to achieve something is self-belief. If you believe in yourself, you will inspire yourself to take action, form positive attitude required to success, build confidence and realize that failure is part of the process and it’s temporary.

  • Over deliver and keep learning

“The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” –Thomas J Watson Sr., Founder of IBM. Be open to learning, be engaged and committed, utilise company programs and don’t be demotivated when you fail. When given work to do, try to deliver greater value than expected.

  • Have a vision, visualise and set goals, put timelines and work towards your vision

A clear vision helps you pursue dreams and achieve goals which become your measurement for success. Capture an inspiring picture of your future, put timelines and work towards your own vision. Realistic visions inspire and give you energy and it enables you to focus on what to do for those achievements, whether it be in five, ten years or further in the future.

  • Run your own race

At school, work and in the communities we live in, we meet different people with different backgrounds, lifestyle and opinions. You need to know and accept who you are and that you strive to accomplish your own dreams, goals and visions.Own your career path but surround yourself with people who can push you. Think about what matters to you most growth or money but don’t forget to follow your passion and doing what you enjoy and love.


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