The Graduates and the Sloth

I don’t know about you, but I returned to work this year with all the energy and excitement of a sloth.  2018 was tough and I had no preconceived ideas that 2019 was going to be better… until I remembered that we were welcoming six exceptional youngsters into the Dariel fold – our 2019 Graduate Group!

When we consider applicants for our Dariel Graduate Programme, they are assessed against several criteria, ranging from technical and communication skills to attitude.  No one aspect is more important than the others.  The aim of our Graduate Programme is to develop well-rounded individuals, and that at the end of the Graduate year, our youngsters look back and see how they have grown both technically and within themselves.  A holistic approach.

Our graduates attend technical training (Dariel’s in-house training programme), they are appointed a mentor who will assist them to navigate the tricky first-job waters, as a team, they progress development of our CSR initiative, they create their volume of Gradient which is our Dariel Graduate Magazine recording their year and experiences, and if based at Head Office, they learn to play pool like Efren Reyes.  It can be a tough year, but it is a varied and exhilarating one with lots of support and opportunity to learn – which, for us, is key.

The thing is (and what many employers overlook) we need to develop these youngsters if we want our industry to grow and thrive.  If we don’t invest in today’s newbies, from where do our future leaders and thinkers come?  Thankfully, Darieleans LOVE graduates – and it’s not because they do the grunt work (our programme is not the equivalent of articles in a law firm).  It’s because we have a culture of learning.  Every day, in every project, irrespective of seniority level, our people are learning.  It’s in our company’s DNA.

Learning comes in both technical and non-technical forms.  Whether it’s upskilling on Angular or watching three bearded colleagues eat chilli chocolate (see our LinkedIn post) – there’s always something to learn.  Because there’s always something happening.

We employ exceptional people at Dariel, and each Graduate year is no different.  I believe that with all my heart.

The immense delight I feel when welcoming our new Graduate group each year, and the enormous pride with which I watch those from our previous Graduate groups develop and excel, is enough to bring a tear or two of joy to this old sloth’s eyes.

Alison Palmer

Head of HR – Dariel


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