Tech and TV

The most awesome thing about working in a tech space? It’s being able to understand TV shows that have awesome tech in them.

I kid you not, it makes you feel like a guru (maybe even scares you a bit) when you can understand how someone “hacked” into a mainframe (or like Joe in the TV series You, a bit extreme though) or was able to play around with a massive corporation server, from a laptop in their mother’s basement. Don’t get me wrong, this is not what we do for a living, we don’t button smash our keyboards and suddenly we have confidential files on our fingertips, not really. Our work is a little more ubiquitous than that, like that website you literally just got off before you read this article?

Yeah that’s us, or even how Netflix knows just exactly what you want to watch next, us again. We aren’t as scary as the dude in the basement but we can affect the world the same way but in a good way. Think of us as superheroes trying to explain our new world to everyone. For us to be able to see this in everyday life and be able to explain it to someone else, it is so satisfying. It’s like watching the Big Bang Theory and understanding the jokes that Sheldon makes, it’s just that this inside joke is literally everywhere but not many people get it. So next time you see some really cool tech stuff happening around you, we’ll be right there to explain it to you, just without the cape and the undies over the pants this time…


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