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Customer 1 View

Requirement Build a single view of customer data and then use that information to build a single point to drive KYC Refresh across an organization at a customer level, not a product level. Additionally we used this information to do the following:– Automated KYC for simple FICA requirements– Integration with HANIS and CPB– Intelligent address […]

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ABBOT – AI/Robotics

Requirement To create an Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool that made use of Open Source Technologies as much as possible (if not fully), so as to reduce the licensing costs incurred by the use of other RPA technologies  Solution Create a Platform with two separate parts: A backend that the robots can run on, and

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Hotel Reservation System​

Requirement A large hotel group had been running a Hotel Reservation System (HRS) successfully for many years. However, the HRS wasn’t a perfect fit and didn’t handle the complexities of managing a 50+ hotel chain effectively. Furthermore it was prone to fraud, errors and manual process management and adding new features or making changes to

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Hospital Management Systems​

Requirement A Health care provider’s existing system was at end of life, and they could not identify a commercial package that would allow them to operate their business in the way they desired Solution Consulting Mobile Solutions Software Development Technologies .Net MS SQL Server Entity Framework 6 WCF WPF Benefits The client has been able

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