Mutation Testing

How good are your unit tests? Are they actually effective at catching mistakes? Test quality has been a long sought after metric. Many tools offer code coverage as a solution, although as most developers would know, like a mathematical divergence test, bad coverage is bad, but good coverage could really just go either way. This […]

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Biometrics on ATMs

Biometric systems have been in use since the 19th century and have gained so much popularity over the years. Biometric systems utilize a human’s physiological, behavioral, and psychological traits to perform authentication and authorization. Different kinds of biometric systems exist such as: Iris detection & recognition systems facial detection & recognition systems voice detection &

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Technology in Sport

Sport is a weird concept. It is difficult to comprehend the root purpose of sport and why human nature has such a vested interest in the phenomenon. Perhaps it is linked to the ancestral human instinct to be the best person or tribe at an activity in order to compete for survival. I believe that

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Software as a Medical Device

Technology in the medical field is an ever-growing area of human innovation. The combination of practical skills of health specialists with the precise analysis of electrical systems has improved life expectancy exponentially. Such medical equipment includes the likes of MRI scanners, life support equipment and surgical lasers. Any piece of advanced electrical hardware has an

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