Cloud Readiness & Design

Requirement​ A major insurer was seeking to : Move their infrastructure and applications into the public cloud but realised the impact on their business to be able to do this is immense Solution​ Audit: applications Processes Infrastructure Culture Skillsets Technologies​ Technology and Cloud agnostistic Benefits​ Strategic plan for migration to the cloud Skills audit and […]

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Infrastructure as Code

Requirement​ A major bank was seeking to : Reduce time to build new servers Improve access control and cost allocation for cloud resources Reduce governance overheads Solution​ Self Service Provisioning Portal Uses Terraform to provision infrastructure Uses Chef to configure servers Extensible template based approach Cloud and VMWare ReST API can be automated Technologies Angular

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Voice Recognition Banking

Requirement​ A major bank wanted to roll out voice interaction through various embedded devices . The company objective was to identify trends, and identified a trend for natural interaction with electronics, without the need to interact with the device using traditional channels. Initial MVP was to get information about accounts with the institution, with further

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