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Automated Bulk Messaging System

Requirement​ A major bank was seeking to : Reduce multiple messaging systems in CTO estate Reduce operational costs of legacy systems that are excessive Increase bargaining power of ABSA with service providers diluted Solution​ Single enterprise wide messaging platform Extensible architecture Micro services to encourage reuse SMS messaging for MVP Email, Push Notification, etc in […]

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Cloud Readiness & Design

Requirement​ A major insurer was seeking to : Move their infrastructure and applications into the public cloud but realised the impact on their business to be able to do this is immense Solution​ Audit: applications Processes Infrastructure Culture Skillsets Technologies​ Technology and Cloud agnostistic Benefits​ Strategic plan for migration to the cloud Skills audit and

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Infrastructure as Code

Requirement​ A major bank was seeking to : Reduce time to build new servers Improve access control and cost allocation for cloud resources Reduce governance overheads Solution​ Self Service Provisioning Portal Uses Terraform to provision infrastructure Uses Chef to configure servers Extensible template based approach Cloud and VMWare ReST API can be automated Technologies Angular

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Voice Recognition Banking

Requirement​ A major bank wanted to roll out voice interaction through various embedded devices . The company objective was to identify trends, and identified a trend for natural interaction with electronics, without the need to interact with the device using traditional channels. Initial MVP was to get information about accounts with the institution, with further

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Business Rules Management Systems

Requirement​ A major bank was seeking to : Apply similar Regulatory Compliance, Business Policies and other Legal business rules consistently across different business units Avoid manual process which have led to decision making inconsistencies and inaccuracies across the bank that put the bank at risk Avoid fines for not meeting the National Regulatory Compliance and

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Requirement​ Initial Requirement was to develop an API that provided a cohesive view over many disparate systems To support the API, an architecture was developed that supports the rapid expansion and development of existing and new APIs as well as supports the scaling of services to meet peak demand The Architecture is language agnostic and

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Customer 1 View

Requirement Build a single view of customer data and then use that information to build a single point to drive KYC Refresh across an organization at a customer level, not a product level. Additionally we used this information to do the following:– Automated KYC for simple FICA requirements– Integration with HANIS and CPB– Intelligent address

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ABBOT – AI/Robotics

Requirement To create an Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool that made use of Open Source Technologies as much as possible (if not fully), so as to reduce the licensing costs incurred by the use of other RPA technologies  Solution Create a Platform with two separate parts: A backend that the robots can run on, and

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Hotel Reservation System​

Requirement A large hotel group had been running a Hotel Reservation System (HRS) successfully for many years. However, the HRS wasn’t a perfect fit and didn’t handle the complexities of managing a 50+ hotel chain effectively. Furthermore it was prone to fraud, errors and manual process management and adding new features or making changes to

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Hospital Management Systems​

Requirement A Health care provider’s existing system was at end of life, and they could not identify a commercial package that would allow them to operate their business in the way they desired Solution Consulting Mobile Solutions Software Development Technologies .Net MS SQL Server Entity Framework 6 WCF WPF Benefits The client has been able

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