Initial Requirement was to develop an API that provided a cohesive view over many disparate systems

  • To support the API, an architecture was developed that supports the rapid expansion and development of existing and new APIs as well as supports the scaling of services to meet peak demand
  • The Architecture is language agnostic and uses container technologies to allow developer flexibility and the application of the most appropriate language for the task
  • The client needed to understand the throughput and constraints within an environment where there are multiple channels in order to develop a scalable architecture


The MTN MAD API is a unified API that can easily be consumed by both MTN itself and third parties. The APIs themselves would be implemented as a set of independent
MicroServices and brought together using Google Apigee to create a unified API gateway and provisioning portal.


  • Atlassian Suite: JIRA, BitBucket (Source Control & Pipelines), Confluence
  • Spring Boot / Java 8+
  • NodeJS for sandboxed APIs
  • Docker / OpenShift / PKS
  • PostMan Teams & Newman (Command Line runner for PostMan collections)
  • Apigee API Gateway & Developer Portal


  • Strong feedback loop from consumers & stakeholders
  • New revenue streams – eg: Data Loans on Facebook
  • Since this project has been implemented the business has launched full Agile practice

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