A major bank was seeking to :

  • Reduce time to build new servers
  • Improve access control and cost allocation for cloud resources
  • Reduce governance overheads


  • Self Service Provisioning Portal
  • Uses Terraform to provision infrastructure
  • Uses Chef to configure servers
  • Extensible template based approach
  • Cloud and VMWare
  • ReST API can be automated


  • Angular
  • Terraform
  • PostgreSQL
  • Chef
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Amazon Web services (AWS)
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Jenkins
  • Maven (via Nexus)
  • ReST
  • VME
  • Typescript
  • MongoDB


  • Reduces wait time of new servers from weeks to minutes
  • Pre authorization and self service almost eliminates governance burdens
  • Automated internal billing
  • Automatic mandatory base nuild enforces basic security compliance
  • Drives a complete Infrastructure as Code Model for automated deploy
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