A large hotel group had been running a Hotel Reservation System (HRS) successfully for many years.

However, the HRS wasn’t a perfect fit and didn’t handle the complexities of managing a 50+ hotel chain effectively.

Furthermore it was prone to fraud, errors and manual process management and adding new features or making changes to the system was met with inflexibility and long delays.

Given the client’s unique hotel management style and their desire to remain competitive they began looking at other options.

No existing HRS product on the market was a “fit” and the development of a bespoke HRS, that supported their business model, and gave them the platform to adapt in a competitive market, became an attractive option.


  • Consulting
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Software Development


  • .Net
  • MS SQL Server
  • Entity Framework 6
  • WCF
  • WPF


City Lodge has a bespoke reservation system that meets its needs

Further enhancements can be made to this system, as City Lodge needs change/grow

City Lodge has more control of its Hotel Management system and the 3rd party channels that make bookings into that Hotel Management system

Cost benefits per transaction by reducing the use of eRes

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