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Join Dariel’s Graduate Programme and kick-start your IT and software development career with some of South Africa’s top Software Developers.

Dariel has a strong commitment to the future leaders of our industry, and offers a challenging and supportive environment that will encourage you to be the best that you can be.

We work with large businesses on complex projects and have built an industry reputation for solving our clients’ problems.

We value collaboration and teamwork and only employ those people who are passionate about software.

About Dariel's Graduate Programme

The Application Process

Our graduate programme is based in Johannesburg and applications are open for students in their final year of study.

Only South African citizens and permanent residents may apply.

Candidates complete the online application on Ditto. 

Click here to Apply.

We shortlist candidates and ask them to submit additional information.

Our panel scrutinizes the submissions and the top candidates are invited for an interview.

A final selection from the list of interviewees is then made and permanent offers to join the Dariel Graduate Programme are extended.

Launching your career...

Meaningful Work

• Core system and cross industry exposure
• Work on projects that make an impact
• End to end projects


• Industry heavy-weight access
• Thought Leadership
• Domain diversity
• Mentorship Programme


• Deliberate & well-defined learning
• Dedicated career development Manager
• Well-developed career path
• Holistic approach – Developing well-rounded people

Diversity of Technology

• Technology playground
• Consult on technical business problems
• Technology agnostic


• Smart people
• United like-minded people
• Seat at the table – you will be heard!
• Work hard, Play hard

Frequently Asked Questions

It starts in February.  We want you to have a good break after your exams, and have recovered from your celebratory parties once you receive your results before you come onboard!

We are always looking for talent so we do not have a fixed number (nor do we have a limit!).  We are, however, quite choosy so we tend to offer only the top tier of passionate and talented grads in whom we can see huge potential.

Your career with Dariel continues, as does your upskilling from not only a technical but a business and ‘self’ perspective as well.  When we bring you on as a Graduate, we fully commit to getting you to where you want to be.

One of our values is Personal Growth – to help people achieve this, everyone who joins Dariel has access to our extensive range of training – from internal tech training and forums through to external courses and qualifications – and even the ability to further your academic studies.

There are a number of factors that influence project assignment decisions. One of the principal among these is how we can give the people on the project a meaningful technical and intellectual challenge.

The Dariel graduate programme is an on-the-job training programme, coupled with a structured ‘curriculum’ that ensures you adjust to the life of a professional software engineer as quickly as possible, and form a good foundation on which to build a successful career. The experience you will gain is aligned to building this foundation as quickly as possible.

Upon successful completion of the Dariel graduate programme, you will be a junior developer, permanently employed by Dariel in a consulting software engineering role.

We are a customer software engineering consultancy. That means we build quality software that solves unique business problems. We work across industries and tech stacks, and have behind the scenes in an immense amount of South Africa’s tech innovation over the last 20 years.

We have large teams working in both the .Net and Java stacks, but we have multiple other areas of expertise and will happily learn new tech if it’s the best tool to get the job done

Dariel works with any business that has a significant enough problem, enough budget and understands the Dariel way of working.

The Dariel graduate programme is hands-on in the support we give our Darielaaties. Apart from the support through the structured training in the programmes itself, the Dariel teams you will be working with are incredibly supportive of new people, and you’ll find all of our people to be ready and willing to help you.

You’ll have a team around you – this is one of our strengths – the collaborative delivery that a Dariel team is able to achieve. Collaboration and teamwork are key to Dariel’s DNA

We expect you to throw yourself into the challenges and growth opportunities that the graduate programme offers you – it is a challenge. You will work hard. But if you show the passion, excellence, delivery, ethics and commitment to personal growth we think you are able to, then you will be successful.

We are passionate and curious technologists. If we are required to learn new tech, we do it. It’s likely that most Dariel people would have experimented with or researched any new tech in their spare time long before it’s something our clients ask for.  

All our projects are currently in Gauteng.  We cannot guarantee a particular client or area, as the project at which you will be based will be the best option to match your growth to the client need.

We have clients across multiple industries, with differing needs – however, all of our projects aim to provide our people with a meaningful technical and intellectual challenge, to be relatively long-term, and to have a real, positive impact on the clients’ business

No.  You do, however, need a solid foundation in both the theory of computer engineering as well as basic programming skills. 

Your side projects are not a deciding factor, but they do provide us with some colour as to your interests and capabilities.  If you have any side projects, we’d love you to brag about them during your interview!

Curiosity, hunger for learning, excellent problem solving skills, good grounding in the theoretical and practical aspects of computer engineering, a go-to attitude and excellent communication skills.

Unfortunately not. Because the work we do is normally critical to our clients’ business, and because we are consultants – it’s difficult to provide any meaningful vacation work or internship. 

Yes, we have partnered with a trust in Diepsloot and part of the requirements for successful completion of our Graduate Programme is to participate meaningfully in this initiative.

2024 Dariel Graduates

Graduate Videos

Every year the Dariel Graduate group put together a video that is presented to the Company at the first breakfast of the year. Please have a look at the last few years videos! 

Gradient Magazines

With the video, the Graduates also put together a magazine documenting their year as Graduates – the magazine is called the Gradient. Have a look through the 2020 & 2021 editions.



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