Fostering Ambition at Dariel

It’s a common belief that great accomplishments require great ambition. What we frequently forget however is that often ambition is a fragile element sometimes needing motivation, guidance, advice, mature support and a moral compass (perhaps just to stop the hackers amongst us from becoming the next Gary McKinnon!).

In my experience, these 5 factors all fall in line with the key values upheld by Dariel.

In the corporate industry, job security is often a major concern for professional/educated individuals often believing that by holding onto the knowledge they’ve gathered over their careers that they will create surety in keeping their jobs. The risk with this line of action is of course the lack of skill transfer, therefore although one ensures that no-one can replace them they also may never be able to move up the corporate ladder. Here at Dariel I believe we all see the value and understand just how imperative knowledge sharing really is. Mentors are always freely available, either by requesting a mentor through our mentorship program or perhaps just finding one of the many interesting individuals in the canteen.

A mentor ideally plays the role of a catalyst in your growth. All factors necessary for your progress should be prepared for nurturing and guidance by your mentor. Being clear about your goals, strengths and weaknesses gives your mentor a foundation to help you build on. I find that I excel the most when being out of my comfort zone. Sometimes for a junior giving your opinion, thoughts and approach on problems can be nerve racking, being pushed slightly in that direction allows you to develop your individuality as a software engineer.

With several mentors available like the exceptional senior dev I had the privilege of being paired with when I joined Dariel, growth for me was not just a possibility but rather a certainty. All that was required from my side was the correct attitude and hunger to learn. From some of my previous experiences I’d say just being equipped with these traits may not be enough. With no clear advice and experienced guidance, it’s easy to find yourself dedicating time to insignificant tasks and technologies.

As a junior I’d say your main responsibility, regardless of your environment is to soak up all available knowledge and taking full advantage of every opportunity. Never being shy to ask questions and taking the initiative to improve on skills that will benefit the project as a whole. Having a mentor to guide you in this and keep you on track plays a helpful role in one’s progress and development.  


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