Build a single view of customer data and then use that information to build a single point to drive KYC Refresh across an organization at a customer level, not a product level. Additionally we used this information to do the following:
– Automated KYC for simple FICA requirements
– Integration with HANIS and CPB
– Intelligent address matching


The underlying MasterData solution to store customer data is Oracle OCH (which is implemented by a separate team). We then built a set of Microservices over and above this layer which then drives additional functionality such as – Secure high speed lookup of customer data in the organization using a cache.

– Integration with external Customer information sources such as HANIS and CPB with intelligent address matching.

– Integration of KYC rules using a rules engine to determine customer status.


– Spring Boot/Spring Cloud
– Docker
– MongoDB for transactional data and caching
– RedHat Openshift
– ELK Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana
– IBM MQ series
– Apache Kafka
– Drools rules engine


  • Organization wide single view of the customer.
  • Proactive KYC of a customer which improves customer experience.
  • Massive reduction in the overall cost burden of the organization’s regulatory compliance.
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