Dear Esteemed Clients,

The purpose of this note is to brief you regarding our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions imposed on us.

I am writing this at a time when a country-wide lockdown has been announced by our President and 100% of our staff has been made functional and productive offsite. However, we appreciate that we still need to facilitate business continuity for you and therefore I would like to communicate our various procedures that enable us to do so:

  • On a daily basis, our entire management team connect remotely to ensure that all our daily tasks are clear, comprehensive and sufficiently detailed, because we understand how much can be lost or misunderstood when communication is not in person.
  • All our Team Leads, Architects and other Members of the Team meet online at the start of every day in order to review daily progress and plan for the next day. Client deliverables and timelines are shared with our Account Managers and Business Development Manager.
  • Following the team’s first daily meeting, they will report into their respective responsible Account Manager and Business Development Manager; who in turn will have a daily call with the Directors. As a result, the monitoring of delivery activity is happening more closely now than ever before. This facilitates rapid escalation should the need arise.

We realize that you may be bombarded with excessive delivery communication, but we would rather err in this regard than keep our customers guessing as to their progress.

As a result of all of this, we do not expect disruption across any of the various services that we provide to clients.

For more information on COVID-19 in South Africa please follow this link :

We wish you all good health, and we pray for a speedy return to normality. Please keep safe!

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