A major bank was seeking to :

  • Apply similar Regulatory Compliance, Business Policies and other Legal business rules consistently across different business units
  • Avoid manual process which have led to decision making inconsistencies and inaccuracies across the bank that put the bank at risk
  • Avoid fines for not meeting the National Regulatory Compliance and other Legal requirements


Use a business Rules Management System to replace the error prone manual decision making with automated decision making processes provided by Business Rules that are centrally authored and shared across the different business units for consistency


  • Terraform
  • Chef
  • AWS
  • VME
  • ReST
  • JSP


  • Automation of strategic and operational business decisions
  • Improved quality and consistency of business decisions across Business Units in the bank.
  • Ensuring compliance with corporate and legal requirements in a timely manner
  • Avoid Regulatory compliance fines which can cost the bank R50 million per instance
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